Working Group Intellectual Property Rights

The Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) was founded in light of the current situation of IPR in Europe.

The group will set up an inventory of museum-specific problems in IPR lawmaking (national and European level), as well as inventories on good practices and of national museum groups, who are active in the IPR field. They seek a consensus on solution strategies and standpoint positions, particularly to advocate unanimously to policy makers on the national and European level, and because there are various IPR policies in the different European countries.



  • 13 January 2017
    Working Group Meeting in Ghent, Belgium
  • 11 November 2017 // Ghent, Belgium
    Working Group Meeting as part of NEMO's Annual Conference 2017.


  • January
    A feedback from NEMO's members on the recommendations made in the IPR study was collected and resulted in a position paper. Almost all organisations stated that copyright was an issue of concern in their country, all of them support and agree with NEMO's recommendations and conclusions drawn from the study, the paper should support their involvement in copyright legislation on national levels.
  • 12 November 2016 // Karlsruhe, Germany
    Working Group Meeting as part of NEMO's Annual Conference with guest presentation by Andrea Wallace, PhD Candidate and Postgraduate Researcher with CREATe, the University of Glasgow

Please note that only the recent activities of the Working Group are displayed on this page. For more information about past activities prior to 2016, please have a look at the Working Group's Archive.