Date Topic and link Place
18.06 - 24.06 European Cultural Heritage Summit
Berlin, Germany
19.06 - 22.06 Balkan Museums without Barriers Festival.
Skopje, Macedonia
19.06 - 19.06 NEMO invites to "Dance at the Museum" during the European Cultural Heritage Summit.
Berlin, Germany
19.06 - 19.06 Symposium: Memory and politics – new currents in memorials today. The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces and The Royal Danish Embassy kindly invite you to a symposium on memorials and the culture of remembrance in Europe.
Berlin, Germany
19.06 - 19.06 Conference "Cultural Heritage Communities and Audiences in Today’s Digital Environment". A one day conference dedicated to digital technologies and cultural heritage, co-organised by NEMO.
Berlin, Germany
20.06 - 20.06 Conference: "European Summit Conference: Endangered Heritage/ Endangered Values". Two NEMO board members are participating as expert speakers.  Berlin, Germany
21.06 Panel debate “Creating a shared heritage in the live performance with audiences of today and tomorrow", organised within the framework of the European heritage Summit by Pearle* - Live Performance Europe.
Berlin, Germany
22.06 - 23.06 What can culture do? - This symposium will bring together leaders from the cultural, academic, artistic and political sectors to share ideas and future scenarios close to Martin Roth's work and convictions.
Berlin, Germany
05.09 - 07.09 European Museum Advisers Conference 2018, hosted by the The Netherlands Museum Advisers Foundation.  Zwolle, the Netherlands
13.09 - 15.09 Conference "Archaeology for the People: Exhibition, Experience and Performance", organised by EXARC and the Administration of the State Cultural Reserve of Kernave.
Kernave, Lithuania
19.09 - 21.09 Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities conference.
Birmingham, the United Kingdom
20.09 - 23.09 The Annual European Museum Academy Conference and Award Ceremony.
Aarhus, Denmark
24.09 - 26.09 "First steps into developing a Digital Audience Development Strategy" - Workshop for museum professionals, organised by TRACES. Apply before 18 June.
Aarhus, Denmark
25.09 - 26.09 The International conference and Expert meeting on "Intangible Cultural Heritage, Museums and Urbanised Society" , organised by the NEMO partner Intangible Cultural Heritage & Museums Project (IMP).
Berne, Switzerland
26.09 - 28.09 ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy: "Beyond EYCH2018. What is the cultural horizon? Opening up perspectives to face ongoing transformations".
Bucharest, Romania
26.09 - 28.09 The Best in Heritage 2018 - Projects of Influence. Annual, global conference featuring award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
09.10 - 12.10 ICOM-ICME 51st Annual Conference: "Re-imagining the Museum in the Global Contemporary".
Tartu, Estonia
10.10 - 14.10 The Arts+ festival
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
22.10 - 24.10 "Let’s engage! Creating digital stories" - Workshop for museum professionals, organised by TRACES. Apply before 18 June.
Mechelen, Belgium
08.11 - 10.11 Annual Conference Museums Association (UK)
Belfast, United Kingdom
14.11 - 16.11 Conference: “New Curatorial Perspectives for a Changed World”. 8th General Conference of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS).
Sarawak, Malaysia
15.11 - 18.11 NEMO's 26th Annual Conference: Museums out of the Box - The Crossover Impact of Museums 
Valletta, Malta
19.11 - 21.11 "Innovative digital technologies" - Workshop for museum professionals, organised by TRACES. Apply before 18 June.
Breda, The Netherlands