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The project "MumAE" sustains the development
of innovative practices and creative partnerships which can offer routes to reach new users, enhance learning provisions and increase the number of these opportunities for adult learners all over Europe.

The main aim of the project was to support European museums in developing their potential as places for lifelong learning and make adult educators aware of the learning opportunities museums offer to adults, by creating the conditions for a constant and permanent contact and sharing of information between the two fields.

The project set out from acknowledging an existing communication and skills gap between museums as places of informal and lifelong learning on the one hand, and adult education specialists not utilising the many opportunities offered by museums on the other.

The project aimed at filling this gap by establishing permanent communication channels between the two fields and creating the conditions for a constant flow of information and skills sharing from one sector to the other. This was achieved through:

An International Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark, 23–24 September 2010) 

In order to maximise its multiplying potential and effect, the conference brought together umbrella organisations both in the museum and in the adult education field.

Museum networks and umbrella organisations and adult education providers operating at European level, together with funding bodies and other organisations active in the lifelong learning arena, have met for two days to discuss issues of common interest, develop guidelines and actions to orientate and encourage both museums and adult education institutes to work together, learn from each other and develop joint projects.

The Production and Dissemination of Printed Materials and of Electronic Publications

With the documents outcomes of the conference and of the whole project, researches and further information have been collected and made available to the adult education institutions as well as to the museums in Europe.

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