European Ministers for Culture meeting on 23 May 2017 - Adopted Council Conclusions
News, EU Culture Policy, Intercultural Dialogue, Museum Management | 23.05.2017

During the session the ministers discussed the EU strategy for International Cultural Relations and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. The Council adopted the Council Conclusions on an EU strategic approach to international cultural relations.

The EU strategy for International Cultural Relations aims to put cultural cooperations at the centre of the EU's diplomatic relations with countries around the world. It's three main objectives are:

  • Unlocking the potential of culture and creativity for sustainable social and economic development
  • Promoting peace and fighting radicalisation through intercultural dialogue
  • Strengthening cooperation on cultural heritage

The Conclusions that was agreed on emphasized the need for a strategic approach to international cultural relations that encompasses all relevant policy areas, and that should 1) entail a bottom-up perspective, 2) starts at home by fostering cultural diversity within the EU and 3) ensure complementarity with MS actions. The Conclusions recommend setting up a ''Friends of the Presidency Group'' with the aim to draw up a comprehensive EU strategic approach to international cultural relations. Member States are invited to ensure collaboration between relevant Ministries. Member States, Commission and EEAS are invited to exchange best practices on initiatives in third countries and consider pilot projects in third countries. The Conclusions invite COM & EEAS to support the Friends of the Presidency Group, to prioritize international cultural relations initiatives and to consider enabling their visibility through a single access portal.

Another matter of discussion was the Audiovisual Media Services Directive towards an EU-wide coordination of national legislations for audiovisual media, including TV broadcasts and on-demand services.