NEMO called for support in copyright reform discussions until 30 May 2017!
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Together with Europeana, NEMO calls for support to amendments on the copyright reform. NEMO has reached out to members of the CULT Committee concerning important amendments to the reform.

The European Parliament is currently discussing the European Commission’s proposal on the Copyright Reform. The members of the European Parliament can comment on and amend the opinions of the four Committees of the EP until 25 April 2017 before they will vote on their draft opinions on 30 May 2017. Get in touch with your country's MEPs to strengthen the standing and opinion of cultural heritage institutions!

In December 2015, Europeana sent an Open Letter on Copyright Reform. - it was also signed by NEMO. 

The debates on copyright are advancing with speed in the European Parliament. At the moment there are four committees that have drafted opinions or reports including suggestions for amendments to the European Commission's proposal submitted in September 2016

These opinions are now open for other members of the European Parliament to comment on and amend further before they vote in each committee, on their respective recommendations, for a final directive. Some of the amendments are, in our view, important and we need to get maximum support for them. Others are unhelpful and we need to ensure they are being rejected. On the initiative of Europeana, you are asked to contact your MEPs, especially those who are members of the culture and education committee (CULT) to make them fully aware of how their Cultural Heritage Institutions would like them to proceed. We are asking, therefore, for your help to raise support from them.

You can do this by contacting your MEP from the MEPs list ideally in your own language and before their discussion on 25 April (vote on 30 May).  To help, herewith a draft text (in English) that can be used as a basis for your e-mail/letter but great if you can personalise it. It doesn’t matter if several organisations are contacting the same policy makers.

NEMO has sent a letter to several members of the CULT committee on 19 April 2017 highlighting the importance of certain amendments for museums.


We would appreciate if you could copy in to your email so Europeana may keep track of all efforts made.