[Call for Participation] Creating the Hands On! Conference
News, Projects & Calls, Learning, Audience Development, Museums as Social Agents, Cultural Creativity | 21.03.2017

The upcoming Hands On! Conference from 11-14 October 2017 opens the floor to ideas and inputs from the Hands On! community.

The Hands On! Association is an international community of committed and inspiring professionals. As museum professionals, they help children to get ready for the future and are asking for this conference: What is it that they need? What traits, qualities and abilities do we need to foster in children? How do we envision the future of children in the world in 10-20 years and what are our responsibilities as cultural institutions?

The orginisational team has opened the call for proposals to everybody interested in offering, discussing or commenting on specific topics.

Ideas and suggestions can be sent to the Hands On! secretariat in Graz at secretariat@hands-on-international.net until 7 April 2017.

Find the complete call for participation, here.

Registration for the conference opens on 28 April 2017.