[Call for Proposals] Intercultural Dialogue and Culture
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The European Commission's grant will support charitable organisations and institutions that enhance the understanding and respect for cultural and religious diversity, and those in which culture enables dialogue, social inclusion, skills development and cohesion. The call is open until 16 May 2017.

The actions should take place in at least 2 developing countries - according to the OECD. This is an initial call for a concept paper, further documents will be requested upon initial selection.

The call is open for two different areas:

Lot 1: Enhancing understanding and respect for cultural and religious diversity

Specific Objective: To enhance cultural pluralism and intercultural understanding, including aspects relating to religion or belief in the project countries. The actions shall:

  • foster interreligious and/or interfaith understanding. Beneficiaries will learn how to accept and value diversity, deal with disagreements in a constructive, non-conflictual way and gain understanding of the similarities and differences between  cultural, religious or belief communities.
  • enhance knowledge and understanding of different cultures and religions/belief systems and contribute to respect of diversity and meaningful intercultural/interreligious dialogues.
  • reduce prejudices and potential for conflict and sectarianism, building common ground among people holding different worldviews.
  • mobilise a variety of expertise and actors including cultural actors, actors in the education sector as teachers, academics and scholars, civil society organisations, religious /belief communities.

Lot 2: Culture as an enabler for dialogue, social inclusion, skills development and cohesion

Specific Objective: To enhance dialogue and social inclusion (notably of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations such as persons belonging to minorities, migrants, women and girls, disabled) skills development and social cohesion in the project countries. The actions shall:

  • offer neutral and safe space for encounters that seek to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect, and in promoting integration in society allowing all to participate and benefit from an inclusive development process.
  • improve access to culture, encompassing more members of the community to promote integration.

The full Guidelines for Applicants are available for consultation here

The deadline for submission of Concept Note is set for  May 16, 2017 at 16:00 (Brussels date and time).

Originally appeared on 31 March 2017 here.