Learn, share, be inspired and get in touch - The Creative Europe Programme project database
News, Museum Management, NEMO activities, European funding for museums, Learning, Sharing, Collaboration | 23.06.2017

The European Commission is making the results of projects conducted through the Creative Europe Programme available in a new, searchable database.

The database contains descriptions of all projects funded under the Creative Europe - Culture sub-programme and some of the projects financed under the Creative Europe - MEDIA sub-programme, including contact information for the organisations involved.
It also contains results for projects that have ended, including links to websites.

Success stories, or projects that have had exceptional results in terms of policy relevance, communication potential, impact or design, are highlighted on the platform. They have been selected from a wider pool of good practice examples, or well-managed projects with very good results.

The database serves to enable others to learn from other institutions, share results and be inspired.

You can find the European Commission's project database for the Creative Europe Programme at http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/creative-europe/projects/.

NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations, is also represented in the database as it is co-funded through the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.