Storm of Emotions - NCK Spring Conference
News, Audience Development, Learning, Museums as Social Agents, News from Our Members | 17.01.2016

From 10-11 February 2016 the Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity (NCK) will hold the "Storm of Emotions" conference in Ă–stersund, Sweden.

Emotions can be provoked manifold and be expressed in many different ways. Experiencing cultural heritage can evoke emotions. Some might say that this is what makes learning through and with cultural heritage effective - "affect leading to effect".

With this in mind this year's speakers and presenters at the conference by NCK will answer questions on the matter. What happens when cultural heritage evokes emotions of unpredictable dimensions? How can someone use cultural heritage to arise emotions of understanding and reconciliation? Which methods for creating emotions do pedagogues use for having a great effect on learning? Can and should we encounter everything, even the negative reactions, with empathy?

Through presentations and hands-on activities the conference invites museum experts to take on this important topic.

You can find the complete programme here and register until 25 January 2016.

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