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Newsletter 07/2017

Summer news 

While some things slow down over the summer, NEMO was able to pick up speed to prepare for NEMO's 25th Annual Conference Open Heart Surgery - The Value of Museums Collections. We are excited that registration has opened for the conference that will be held in Ghent, Belgium, from 9-12 November 2017! Have a look at the programme and our exciting speakers, discussing different types and challenges of contemporary collecting, as well as the political and social effect museums can or should have on their environment, and their relevance in a diverse, connected society.

The past month did not only see NEMO prepare for #NEMOac2017, but also saw some important decisions by the European Parliaments Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and the European Commission, as well as new publications and further events at European level.

Find out more below!

The NEMO office


[REGISTRATION OPEN] Open Heart Surgery - The Value of Museum Collections // NEMO's 25th Annual Conference

From 9-12 November 2017, Ghent will be home to NEMO’s 25th Annual Conference and birthday event! For four days, NEMO gathers representatives from European national museum organisations, museum experts, and policy makers and...
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Statement on the Reflection Paper on the Social Dimension of Europe

NEMO is part of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts which issued a statement on the reflection paper on the social dimension of Europe, issued by the European Commission. It highlights the social dimension of the...
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Committee on Culture and Education highlights "chronic under-funding" of Culture in draft opinion on draft budget for EU financial year 2018

In a draft opinion by the Committee om Culture and Education, rapporteur Morten Løkkegaard, emphasised the under-funding of the culture sub-programmes in the Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens programmes.
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European Commission puts forward new rules to clamp down on illegal import and trafficking of cultural goods

On 13 July 2017, the European Commission put forward new rules to clamp down on the illegal import and trafficking of cultural goods from outside the EU, often linked to terrorist financing and other criminal activity.
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NEMO hosts study visit of Armenian museum professionals

Together with the German Museums Association, NEMO is hosting a study visit of Armenian museum professionals to Berlin.
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Committee on Culture and Education adopts opinion on Direction on Copyright for the digital single market

The CULT Committee voted on the amendments prepared by rapporteur Marc Joulaud on 11 July and adopted them. The ITRE Committee (Industry, Research and Energy) also adopted its amendments the same day.
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Report "Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations" adopted by CULT and AFET

The report, which was prepared by the European Parliament, under the umbrella of the CULT and AFET Committees, presents objectives, tools and discusses strategies the EU should take towards enhanced international cultural...
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Publication: The economy of culture in the digital age in Europe

The European Commission's Directorate-General on Education and Culture published a mapping of the creative value chains in the European Union. It takes a look at the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) in relation to digitisation.
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Business Models, Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries: A Meta-analysis

The Working Paper "Business Models, Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries: A Meta-analysis" shares the conclusions of an analysis of 20 research projects on business models in the Creative Industries.
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A sustainable future can be achieved with a fundamental cultural change

NEMO is a member of Culture Action Europe (CAE). The European umbrella network issued a statement on the European approach to Sustainable Development through culture and the Agenda 2030.
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[Call for Applications] Childrens in Museums Award 2018

The Children in Museums Award starts into its 7th year. The prize that recognises excellence and innovation in exhibits designed for children within the museum sector is open for applications until 1 March 2018.
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27.07 - 28.07.2017, London, UK

Building cultural heritage knowledge
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07.09 - 09.09.2017, Riga, Latvia

NEMO and Creative Museum Think Tank: Building a museum: Focus on museums and creative industries
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14.09 - 16.09.2017, Vienna, Austria

The Connected Audience 2017 - 2nd International Museums Conference on Audience Research and Development
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15.09 - 15.09.2017, Paris, France

NEMO Training Course: Museum trends and prospects for 2018
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15.09 - 16.09.2017, Bucharest, Romania

Museums Meet Museums - NEMO European seminar
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25.09 - 29.09.2017, Tblisi, Georgia

ICOM CIDOC Annual Conference: Documentation: Past, Present, Future...
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27.09 - 30.09.2017, Brussels, Belgium

ENCATC - European Congress on Cultural Management and Policy
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28.09 - 01.10.2017, Skopje, Macedonia

European Museum Academy Award Ceremony and European Museum Academy Conference
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28.09 - 30.09.2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Best in Heritage 2017
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11.10 - 14.10.2017, Pilsen, Pisek and Prague, Czech Republic

11th Hands On! Conference
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11.10 - 13.10.2017, Dublin, Ireland

NEMO Learning Exchange hosted by the Irish Museums Association (for NEMO members)
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09.11 - 12.11.2017, Ghent, Belgium

NEMO's 25th Annual Conference "Open Heart Surgery - The Value of Museum Collections"
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News from our Members

HOUSE OF EUROPEAN HISTORY: Open and ready to welcome the museum community

The House of European History is pleased to announce its official opening took place on 6 May 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The museum offers a trans-national overview of European history, taking account of its diversity and many interpretations. The permanent exhibition is available in 24 languages and features over 1,500 objects from 300 museums worldwide. The House has confirmed its place on the Visit Programme of NEMO's Annual Conference 2017 and looks forward to welcoming NEMO members in November. More information at

ICOM GERMANY and ICOM NORD: Registration open for International Conference under the theme "Difficult Issues" in Helsingborg, Sweden, 21-23 September 2017

ICOM Iceland, ICOM Norway, ICOM Sweden, ICOM Finland, ICOM Denmark and ICOM Germany jointly organise the conference of which the #DIM2017 blog series introduces the speakers as the programme unfolds. You may find out more by visiting

The CREATIVE MUSEUM project (2014- 2017): Final conference took place at Musée Gadagne, Lyon, France on 6 July 2017

The three year project drew its final conclusions exploring how museums and creatives can co-create and collaborate to design new ways to engage museums and audiences. Cécile Marsan, Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe and Jenny Siung presented the projects methods and outcomes, while Don Undeen explored how museums have changed in the past 10 years.
Further information is available at the project's website!

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