Thursday, 9 November 2017

18:30h     Welcome and Reception at Ghent City Hall                                                                               
David Vuillaume, Chair, NEMO
Annelies Storms, Alderwoman for Culture, Tourism and Events, City of Ghent                                                      


Friday, 10 November 2017

NEMO's Annual Conference takes place at STAM - Stadsmuseum Ghent (Ghent City Museum)


David Vuillaume, Chair of NEMO
Luc Delrue, Secretary-General, Department of Culture, Youth, Sport and Media, Flemish Ministry of Culture
Martine Reicherts, Director-General, DG Education and Culture, European Commission
Sergio Servellón, Chairman, ICOM Belgium Flanders
Christine De Weerdt, Director, Ghent City Museum (STAM), Belgium


Keynote - The Method as Message: Participation and the value of collections
Peter van Mensch, Independent Museologist, The Netherlands

Moderation: Olga van Oost, Senior Museum Manager, FARO. Flemish Interface Centre for Cultural Heritage, Belgium

11:30h-12:00hCoffee break

Museums reaching into political and social spheres
Presentations and panel discussion

Introduction and Moderation: Mark O'Neill, Associate Professor, College of Arts, Glasgow University, United Kingdom

Small Hope - Museums and Peace Building
Diana Walters, International Heritage Consultant, United Kingdom
Between "human zoo" and "contact zone". Exploring migration at Friedland Museum and Refugee Camp
Joachim Baur, Die Exponauten. Ausstellungen et cetera, Germany


On contemporary collecting Challenges
Presentations and panel discussion

Moderation: Mark O'Neill, Associate Professor, College of Arts, Glasgow University, United Kingdom

Shifting perspectives: on intangible heritage, communities and participation in the museum
Jorijn Neyrinck, Director, Tapis Plein, Belgium
TAKO network: Supporting shared museum's acquiring, documenting and collecting
Teemu Ahola, Chairman, TAKO Network, Finland

On the benefits and challenges of European collections
Presentations and panel discussion

Moderatorion: Mark O'Neill, Associate Professor, College of Arts, Glasgow University, United Kingdom

How do you collect and exhibit European history?  
Taja Vovk van Gaal, Creative Director, House of European History, Belgium
European collaboration put in practice: BOZAR's international cooperation strategies
Paul Dujardin, CEO, Bozar, Belgium

16:00h-16:30hCoffee break

Workshops (in parallel)
Workshop 1 - How objects (do not) end up in the bin
Gea Wold, Senior Advisor quality and employers business, Netherlands Museums Association
Bente Bergmans, Quality Advisor, Netherlands Museums Association

Workshop 2 - Human remains and objects from a colonial context in museum collections - the recommendations of the German Museums Association
Wiebke Ahrndt, Director, Übersee-Museum Bremen, Germany

Workshop 3 - How to assess and manage values of museum collections? Enriching experiments in Flanders?
Marc Jacobs, Director, FARO. Flemish Interface Center for Cultural Heritage, Belgium

Workshop 4 - Involving the community in your collections - Crowdsourcing for collections at Huis van Alijn
Els Veraverbeke, Conservator, Haus van Alijn, Belgium

17:30hEnd of conference
19:00hConference Dinner at Belga Queen


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Takes place at MSK - Museum voor Schone Kunst (Museum of Fine Arts Ghent) and S.M.A.K. - Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art)

David Vuillaume, Chair, NEMO
Catherine De Zegher, Director, Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK)

with Manfred Sellink, Director, Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KSMKA)

Kimmo Levä, Secretary General, Finnish Museums Association                   

10:45h-11:15hCoffee Break

NEMO Working Group Meetings and EU Project Slam (in parallel)
Working Group LEM - The Learning Museum (at S.M.A.K.)
Working Group lead by Margherita Sani, Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Education portfolio at the House of European History - Blandine Smilansky, House of European History, Belgium
Study visit at S.M.A.K.

Working Group Museums and Creative Industries
Working Group lead by Ineta Zelca Simansone, Think Tank Creative Museum, Latvia

Working Group Advocacy and PA
Working Group lead by Lodewijk Kuiper, Policy Advisor Public Affairs, Netherlands Museums Association
Survey among NEMO members and two cases of influencing Parliament - Lodewijk Kuiper  and Alistair Brown, Policy Advisor, Museums Association UK

Working Group IPR - Intellectual Property Rights (11:15-12:30)
Working Group meeting organised by Pascal Ennaert, Coordinator, Flemish Art Collection, Belgium
Update on the museum-relevant developments of the 
EU Copyright Directive: Herman Rucic, Senior Policy Advisor, C4C

EU Project Slam

7 professionals present new cooperation projects on the horizon
Meet & Greet of EU funded museum projects

15:00h-17:00hNEMO General Assembly

Free entry to MSK (Museum of Fine Arts Ghent)
Free entry to S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent)

19:00hReception at Provinciehuis
Jozef Dauwe, Deputy, Culture in the province of East-Flanders
Frank Birkebaek, Founder of NEMO, Denmark


Sunday, 12 November 2017

tbaOptional bus tour to different museums in the province of East-Flanders, with transfer to Brussels Zaventem airport
in the afternoon
tbaOptional guided tours at the House of European History in Brussels

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