Els Veraverbeke

Els Veraverbeke is the conservator at the House of Alijn, where, together with her motivated team, she has nurtured a culture of out-of-the-box thinking. The House of Alijn's way of working is characterised by the museum’s involvement of the public, unique communication strategies and multidisciplinary approach. As a historian specialized in (post-)modern mentality and emotional history, Els Veraverbeke has succeeded at the House of Alijn in placing the culture and heritage of the everyday in the spotlight. Having curated many exhibitions and projects since 1999, she and her team have developed the House of Alijn as a forum built on public participation, societal engagement and contemporary relevance.

Els Veraverbeke will deliver the workshop Involving the community in your collections - Crowdsourcing for collections at Huis van Alijn on 10 November 2017.