Joachim Baur

Joachim Baur is a historian, curator and museum consultant, based in Berlin. He studied Museum Studies in New York and Modern European History in Stuttgart and holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Tuebingen.

As part of Die Exponauten. Ausstellungen et cetera, Joachim Baur conceptualises and realises exhibitions and consults with museums on project development as well as collection and facilitation strategies.

At the moment, he is curating Forum Wissen, a new science museum at Goettingen University (2019), and the permanent exhibition of Museum Friedland at the historic site of the oldest refugee camp in Germany (2016, extension 2020). Other projects include an exhibition on Capital by Karl Marx (2017), 19th century globalization (2014) and an open-air exhibition on urban diversity in Berlin (2012).

In addition to curating, Joachim Baur teaches courses in museum studies at New York University Berlin and HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin and lectures on contemporary museum-related issues. He is the author and editor of different publications revolving around the history and theory of museums, migration history, representations of multiculturalism and the trans-/nationalisation of memory.