Olga van Oost

Olga van Oost is senior museum manager at FARO. Flemish Interface for Cultural Heritage and professor of Sociology of Arts and Culture at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).
She holds master’s degrees in Art History & Archaeology and Communication Studies and obtained a PhD in Communication Studies at VUB in 2009 on the future of the art museum and cultural heritage policies. Her research focuses on transitions in the fields of museums (galleries) and cultural heritage (institutions and policy) in late modernity and the network society. Other research areas include theoretical museum and heritage studies, (digital) arts and the role of the artist in a digital world; (digital) heritage and youth. She frequently publishes in cultural heritage journals and at international conferences. In 2016 she published a book on the future of museum experiences.

Olga van Oost closely collaborates with museums in Flanders and Brussels. She organises a museum’s directors meeting to discuss themes that concern museums’ and cultural heritage organisations’ policies and management. She was the Belgian expert for the UNESCO Recommendation on the protection and promotion of museums and collections and is a member of ICOM international committees such as Intercom, COMCOL and ICOFOM.