Sharing is Caring - Right to Remix?

NEMO's second webinar "Sharing is Caring: Right to Remix?" was streamed live from Copenhagen, Denmark on 2 October 2015. Since 2011 Sharing is Caring takes place in Denmark every year. This year's conference dealt with copyright from the digital age perspective.  It addressed the topic of remix culture and rights. The speakers also discussed constructive and proactive ways to deal with these issues.

Through versatile formats the speakers were invited to present their innovative ideas and offer fresh perspectives on rights in the cultural sector. Including a look at what new potentials for the cultural sector a change of the mindset can open up. The conference was particularly targeted at professionals in libraries, archives and museums, Wikipedians, start-ups, and users interested in cultural heritage and digital culture.

With this topic it was obligatory for the organisers to share the content with a great audience across different media channels, among them youtube, twitter and flickr.


You can watch the entire playlist:

or seperate talks:

Introduction and Melissa Terras on „Taking, Making and Law-Breaking”

Eva van Passel: How Open is Open Enough?

Cédric Manara: Copyright and the 99%

Keynotes in Conversation: Eva Van Passel & Cédric Manara

Ignite sessions: 5 talks x 5 minutes


NEMO would like to thank the ODM (Association of Danish Museums) for the organisation and coordination of the webstream and the conference together with Statens Museum for Kunst, DR/Dansk Kulturary and MMEx - Meaning Making Experience.

Videos and documentation from the previous seminars are gathered at