Museum Organisations Learning Exchanges - Facts at a Glance


Learning from each other, capacity building


Museums (organisation) management, daily work, lobbying, work with members

Options for exchange?

(1) Learning exchange (2) Task Force
NEMO members visit each other in order to learn, to exchange ideas about good management practices and business models and to empower one another NEMO members in need of expertise request a "task force" of two representatives of another to "come and help" in order give know-how and a helping hand

Facts at a glance:

  • Length of exchange: 2-3 days
  • Number of participants: up to 5 representatives from NEMO members / facilitators from the hosting institution
  • Grant: NEMO provides a lump sum of 600 euro to cover expenses for travel and accommodation (max. 3 nights) + subsistence per day (max. 2 days)
  • Requirements for applicants:
    - applicants must be staff members or members of the steering committes/executive boards of NEMO members and associated members or can be appointed by a NEMO member (proof required)
    - Letter of motivation, detailing how the course/exchanges fits into the field of work and how experience will be passed on to the respective network
    - Europass Certification Scan (use NEMO template)
    - final report after activity