NEMO offers free webinars in English or French facilitated by different museum experts in Europe about diverse topics in the museum field to museum professionals in Europe and beyond.

Facts at a glance

  • open offer from NEMO to the larger museum community
  • webinars are free of cost
  • 2-3 webinars per year
  • workshops live-streamed on the Internet, Q&A possible through Twitter, or webinar-chats


Upcoming NEMO Webinars

Date: 25 June 15:00 CET
Topic: From mines to mind-maps: A dialogue-based approach to museum planning at Spaç Prison
Facilitator: Jonathan Eaton

Jonathan Eaton, from Cultural Heritage without Borders - Albania, will explore a dialogue-based approach to museum planning at sites associated with difficult pasts in this webinar. At this webinar, you will learn different methods for building dialogue on difficult pasts and engaging diverse stakeholders in order to unlock the potential for such sites to promote human rights, civil responsibility and democratic ideals. 

We will follow the ongoing work of a non-profit organization at a former political prison and forced labor camp in north-central Albania called Spaç. Beyond all of the managerial and conservation issues related to developing this site, Spaç Prison challenges what it means to ‘establish’ a museum.

In an unstable climate, where the future of the site is not ensured, the underlying processes of heritage and museum-making must be shaped by dialogue, engagement and openness. As Spaç shows, a dialogue-based approach is a necessary precursor for an established and successful future museum at the site.

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