- Come into the museum in Austria

The Austrian Museums Association shaped the access to collections in the digital age through an engaging approach.

Every day for 100 days, the website showcased one prominent object from the collection of
a museum carrying the Austrian seal of excellence.
Objects ranged from archaeological artefacts to works of art, and came from both larger, professionally-run state museums and smaller local museums. Each object was displayed with photographs and new information, stories or descriptions. Alongside the specially created website, a newsletter was sent out to several thousand subscribers, and the initiative garnered significant media attention.

In the end, the project was extended and 131 objects were made accessible to a wider audience over thecourse of 131 days. The final collection of objects is featured in a 320-page book published in 2012.

A follow-up project, - 1001 Objekte, die die Welt bedeuten (1001 objects that mean the world), was launched in 2015 to showcase objects rarely seen outside museum storerooms. (in German) (in German)

Museumsbund Österreich (in German)

Find "" and other great examples in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums"!

Erwin Wurm, Selbstporträt als Essiggurkerl (Self-portrait as a pickle), 2008 Foto: Erwin Wurm © VBK, Wien, 2012

Screenshot of the website, with the entry from 2 June 2012
Screenshot March 2015, for the image depicted in the screenshot © VBK, Wien, 2012 applies