Collection Mobility in Finland

The National Museum of the Finnish Sámi is networking with other museums around the world that have collections on indigenous themes in order to enhance collections mobility.

The National Museum of the Finnish Sámi has actively networked not only with various Arctic indigenous museums (Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Russia, Norway and Sweden), but also with other museums in Europe (Spain) and outside Europe (Japan and Chile), in order to foster collections mobility through exhibitions. One of the most recent examples was the Sámi Duodji (Sámi Handicraft) exhibition, which went on display at Nenets Regional Museum in Naryan-Mar, Russia, in 2013.

This co-operation has also resulted in other collaborative activities in the Sámi area, such as the exchange of films at film festivals. The idea behind the practice is to network within a sphere of shared collection themes in order to both enhance opportunities and provide a focus for collections mobility; in this case, collections representing indigenous peoples. The exhibitions are of high quality and give museum visitors a chance to learn more about the indigenous people of the EU, and to appreciate the diversity of society in Europe and elsewhere.



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The Sami Handicraft exhibition at Nenets Regional Museum, Naryan Mar, Russia

The project by the Finnish Sámi was presented in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums" and is a great example for the diverse museum collections.