Everything by Tolstoi with one Click

A crowdsourcing project to create a sample digital version of the 90-volume edition of Leo Tolstoy’s Complete Works, the so-called "jubilee edition" published in 1928 – 1958.

The project was led by Leo Tolstoy’s great granddaughter Fekla Tolstoy and mainly organised by the Tolstoy Museum in Moscow and the Yasnaya Polyana Museum. The goal was to invite everybody to participate in the digitisation process – in the end, 3249 volunteers from 49 countries proofread the works after they had been scanned. The IT company ABBYY provided participants with a text-recognising programme and afterwards professionals and linguists revised the documents for a second time.

The resulting high-quality digital copies of Tolstoy’s works were made available through a website, www.tolstoy.ru, which was jointly developed by the State Museum of Tolstoy and the Yasnaya Polyana Museum. The author’s literary heritage can be downloaded “with one click” and can even be read on e-readers, tablets or smartphones.

The successful crowdsourcing-project was only possible due to the support and assistance given by volunteers
worldwide. It offers access to the 90-volume edition to an even wider audience.

article about the project
website about the project (in Russian)

Collections do not only house ideas, identities and cultural heritage. Because they are not completely developed they enable participatory projects establishing new access, new ideas and identities and facilitate the value of collections through and together with the public in particular. This exemplary museum project highlights the Collection Value and how accessibility is made possible with a little help. More on projects underlining the collection value can be found in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums"!