This section is for the presentation of exemplary museum projects contributing to the economic growth.

Urban and Regional Planning
NEMO believes that museums can offer significant opportunities for economic growth. Museums are often at the heart of successful urban regeneration initiatives. They can help revive and diversify the local economy and the competitiveness of their environment. They help regions to assert their identities, bring back investment and consumers and enhance the quality of life.

Cultural Tourism
Museums attract tourists from across Europe and around the world. Cultural tourism is one of the most important contributions to local economies, and is becoming a growing industry in Europe at large.

Creativity and Innovation
NEMO believes that creativity and innovation are fundamental dimensions of human activity and essential
to economic prosperity. Museums nurture creativity and innovation, they act as a space for reflection on the
present and a source of inspiration for new creative and innovative concepts.

Over the course of 22 weeks NEMO introduced a project from its publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums" each Tuesday.

Romanian Night of Museums: Unusual protest

The National Network of Romanian Museums has found a unique way of raising awareness about the difficult situation faced by Romanian museums and emphasising their importance to society and the economy. Through a public protest during the Night of Museums in May 2015 they raised awareness of the challenges many museums are currently facing in Romania.

Beamish Open-Air Museum: A thriving UK open-air museum

As part of its 2013-2025 business development and engagement plan, Remaking the Living Museum of the North, Beamish is undergoing several major changes and working to enhance the economy of England’s North East region by attracting large numbers of visitors.

Hungarian Academy of Craft

The Western-Hungarian Open-Air Folk Museum of Szombathely, Hungary, and other museums in Hungary
and Slovenia build a strong network to support their economy and regional growth. Under the Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for the Development of European Cohesion Policy the project ran from 2007 until 2013. It focused on educating children about crafts and trades in Hungary and Slovenia, while the different museums worked closely together.

Revitalising a region in Italy - MUSE

In 2013 "MUSE" opened its doors to welcome visitors from all over Italy to strengthen the Northern Italian region. The state-of-the-art science center plays a vital role in the region and reflects its characteristic in the exhibitions and architecture.

Keeping the Collections accessible - Mauritshuis on tour

The Mauritshuis in The Hague, Netherlands, is home to a number of famous Dutch Golden Age paintings. While the museum underwent renovation it chose not to store its collections in a warehouse but had the paintings come to the people instead. In partnership with various venues in Italy, Japan and the US a number of paintings were exhibited from 2012 to 2014.