This section presents exemplary educational museum projects. NEMO believes that museums have an impact on people. Museums are learning institutions, offering formal and informal learning to people of all ages by inspiring and engaging them. Museums enable individuals to grow in confidence and creativity and help people understand the world and their place within it. Over the course of 22 weeks NEMO introduced a project from its publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums" each Tuesday.

Network of Archaeology Clubs in Portugal

The Museu Nacional de Arquelogia (MNA – the National Museum of Archaeology) in Lisbon, Portugal has made it its educational mission to develop innovative and inclusive programmes and experiences within the cultural and educational fields. Since 2012 the MNA develops networks with different partners to design opportunities for various target groups.

Art in Interreligious dialogue

At the Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg Art Gallery) in Hamburg, Germany, a series of events that aims to foster interreligious understanding and encounters through talks about art began in 2010. The project for exchange and learning grew in collaboration with the Akademie der Weltreligionen Hamburg (Academy of World Religions, Hamburg) and was facilitated by the art historian and educator Marion Koch.

Figuring out the figurine at Cyprus Museum

"Idolio to Dolio" - figuring out the figurine is an educational programme developed at the Cyprus Museum in Lefkosia. It is aimed at primary school children in 4th grade and takes place in and around the exhibitions and storage rooms of the museum.

Contemporary Art TV for children in Poland

A cooperation between the Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Lodz, Poland, TVP Kultura (the Polish national broadcasting channel), the National Audiovisual Institute, the National Culture Institute and Opus Film SA is the basis for this project. Since 2013 the TV project "Kulturanek" that takes place at the museum helps to break down prejudices about contemporary art among children and young people through a new educational approach.

Fighting Words. Connecting students with the National Gallery of Ireland.

The National Gallery of Ireland - together with the writing project Fighting Words - created a project that enabled students to build their own ideas from getting to know the gallery's collections. The project resulted in two publications, one containing the children's stories and drawings, the other being a graphic novel.

Days of Science and Engineering in Slovenia

Various institutions in Slovenia, among them the Technical Museum of Slovenia (TMS) in Bistra, Slovenia create engaging programmes for different target groups, particularly children, young adults and families for the "Days of Science and Engineering". As the entrepreneur of this event the TMS collaborates with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana since 2002. The programme has been growing ever since.