Contemporary Art TV for children

The project "Contemporary Art TV for children" is a unique approach to educate children about art and create access to modern art for a broad audience inside and outside of the museum.


Kulturanek is a TV series created to challenge the widely-held notion that contemporary art is boring and difficult to understand. Aimed at children and teenagers between the ages of seven and 15, it is filmed at Muzeum Sztuki and has resulted in 36 episodes over three seasons so far. In each 20-minute episode, directed by Artur Fratczak, a group of children, accompanied by artists and experts, deals with a specific field of art or technique, exemplified with the help of genuine objects from the museum’s collection.

The programme emphasises the spontaneous participation of the young participants. Acting as co-hosts, they are encouraged to liberally share their own ways of experiencing both art and the world, and to build a connection between art and everyday experience.

The scriptwriters, Leszek Karczewski PhD, and Barbara Kaczorowska PhD, cover several topics. Among these are the origins of abstract art; avant-garde theories of painting, sculpture, and photography; self-portraits and nudes; particular art techniques, namely emballages, assemblages, environmental art, land art, intermedia, happening and performance art, body art and street art; and problems related to collecting art, art critique and the art market.

The programme offers tried-and-tested recipes for art workshops that demonstrate how basic elements of everyday life, such as flour, string or broomsticks, can be used in an artistic manner. These workshops align with general teaching methods for creativity and can be replicated at home or in kindergartens and schools.

The experiments, which are conducted by two adult hosts, often artists themselves, end up with a multitude of responses, which act as an introduction to public debate and prove that art can be an exciting adventure.

Further information on the project in Polish.

Creating access to contemporary art at a young age is a challenge especially museums displaying modern art have to take on. The project at the Muzeum Sztuki is an approach that carries the knowledge behind the museum walls. Other educational programmes have different takes on different topics, a few of them are presented on this website and in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums" highlighting the educational value of museums. The project will also be presented at NEMO's Annual Conference "Re-visiting the Educational Value - Connecting to Audiences" in Pilsen, Czech Republic.