Network of Archeology Clubs. Learning about ourselves through the past.

The Network of Archaeology Clubs is a project by the Museu Nacional de Arquelogia (MNA) to establish a partnership network with schools and other institutions in order to promote archaeology and heritage education.

The MNA developed these educational and cultural activities in close coordination with society in general and with various cultural, educational, and research institutions. They are targeted at different audiences, thereby disseminating the MNA's collections and encouraging people to view the museum as an open space that serves the community and helps to foster citizenship. Among these audiences are schools, families, visitors with special needs, immigrant communities, and national and foreign groups. 

Housed in the Monastery of Jerónimos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the MNA acts as mediator for public participation and enjoyment. It promotes the development of individual knowledge and the participation of diverse audiences, motivating communities to feel a sense of ownership towards its collections.

Because it represents numerous material cultures from the past, the museum can help to build bridges and support the active participation of different minority communities living in Portugal, who can see their cultures reflected in the diversity of the collections.

The Network of Archaeology Clubs connects the museum's collections with diverse communities through new technology. Activities related to the protection of the archaeological heritage can be developed through an online platform, which is open to all and enables the exchange of information and knowledge, as well as providing access to learning materials.

The network is not only linked to the official school curriculum, thus creating pedagogical-didactic activities to cover its contents in a practical way, but it also promotes lifelong learning through activities designed for visitors of all age groups and educational levels. 

In 2012, the project was awarded "Best Educational Practice in Museums" by the International Council of Museums’ Committee for Education and Cultural Action. It is also linked to international research in the field of education, namely through the project Eurovision: Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE).


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  • The Museu Nacional de Arquelogia

    The museum is located in the Western wing of the Jerónimos Monastery since 1903. © Carlos Diniz, 2015
  • Demonstration of ancient procedures

    Showing of the methods for the flour production during the Neolothic period. © Carlos Diniz 2012
  • Presentation by a school group

    The MNA develops programmes in close cooperation with schools and other institutions. © Rede Clubes de Arqueologia, 2014
  • Learning about archery

    During a hands-on presentation on the museum premises.
    © Miguel Feio, 2014