Days of Science and Engineering in Slovenia

A multi-institutional project designed to arouse young people’s interest in science and natural science, and to bring these subjects closer to the public through practical demonstrations.

The Technical Museum of Slovenia (TMS) first presented the Days of Science & Engineering programme in 2002. Over time, the project was extended due to growing interest from visitors and participating partners (including faculties, associations, schools and businesses).

The TMS is responsible for the programme’s organisation, promotion, coordination and a proportion of its running expenses, while other participating institutions provide demonstrations, help with staffing arrangements and participants, and cover most of the remaining expenses.

The annual demonstrations are themed according to the TMS’ mission and programmes, and supplement the
museum’s day-to-day operations. The main objective is to popularise science and engineering, and encourage
their study among young people, by demonstrating the many possible applications of those subjects and combining theoretical knowledge with practice. A number of demonstrations are designed by students mentored by their professors, which promotes the innovative use of knowledge and supports decision-making on future study and career choices.

Demonstrators try to deliver as much information as possible and present the often-abstract themes in a clear
and comprehensible way. Visitors can usually participate in the experiments, while the museum’s collections are also used to draw a link to past achievements.

The days dedicated to science and engineering attract record numbers of visitors and are attended by school
groups from all over Slovenia, as well as interested individuals of all age groups.

The Technical Museum of Slovenia

This project that creates engaging access for young people to engineering and science was featured in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums".