This section is for the presentation of exemplary museum projects that represent the social role and value museums have for society. NEMO believes that museums can change lives. Museums are for and about people. For museums to be truly accountable to past, present and future generations, they must be able to work with and for all sections of the communities they serve. Museums have the potential to strengthen the social fabric of society and act as meeting and dialoguing places for different cultures. Over the course of 22 weeks NEMO introduced a project from its publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums" each Tuesday.

Museomix - Giving Space to the Community

Since 2011 Museomix is the first international cultural makeathon that mixes the skills and insights of different people from various backgrounds.
At various institutions throughout France and worldwide these collaborations are made possible to invent, design, prototype and test innovative museum installations with new technologies.

ROMA ROUTES – Byzantine Museum at Athens meets Roma

The Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, Greece participated as a partner in the EU-funded project "Roma Routes". The project, which ran from 2010 until 2012, aimed to reach out to the Roma community, and promote and contribute to social inclusion and equality through educational programmes, events, exhibitions and collaboration.

Generationen im Museum - Fostering Dialogue between generations

Starting in 2014 the Migros-Kulturprozent (Migros Culture Percentage) collaborated with various Swiss museums to promote intergenerational exchanges in Swiss museums with the project "Generationen im Museum" (GiM).
Ongoing demographic changes require a better dialogue between people of different generations, and as places that are open to all, museums can serve as a unique meeting point for these diverse groups.

Preserving tradition and identity - Thematic educational programmes at the Inquisitor's Palace in Malta

The Inquisitor’s Palace – National Museum of Ethnography in Birgu, Malta is the place where cultural traditions are preserved, presented and made accessible through a variety of events and workshops tailored to a broad audience.

Jamtli Museum in Sweden for Social Cohesion

The Jamtli Museum in Östersund, Sweden works in collaboration with a mental health rehabilitation unit at a local hospital to facilitate a new working environment that strengthens self-confidence among people with mental health issues.