Giving Space to the Community

Museomix gives a diverse audience the chance and the space to participate in the museum and have an effect on the display.

Museomix Sud (Museomix South) at the Arles museum of Antiquity in Arles, Bouches du Rhône, France in November 2014 | Xavier Delaporte, 2014 CC BY-NC



Immersive Experience: meet a soldier of the Gallo-Roman era. What could be better? | Quentin Chevrier – Museomix CC BY-SA

Museomix makeathons are hosted by participating museums and run over three days. Teams of six work together to invent a prototype in the field of mediation that offers the public a new approach to a selected subject.
These teams are made up of people interested in museums, among them mediators, designers, developers, graphic designers, communicators, artists, writers and scientists. The aim is to invite people who are usually visitors to invent new forms of mediation and build relationships with the institutions they visit, placing innovation at the core of the process. Facilitators and technical staff are available to help people explore and shape a negotiated, collective idea. The diverse team of facilitators and technical staff around the founders Samuel Bausson and Julien Dorra consists of nod-A, a team of engineers, designers and makers; Buzzeum, a digital strategy agency for museums; and the Centre Erasme, a digital innovation centre in Lyon.

Bringing museums and the creative society together is the primary goal of Museomix. In mixing the two Museomix acts as a cultural co-creative laboratory, promoting the idea of an open, participative museum that is part of a wider network. By collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and enabling them to create and participate in museum life, institutions can open themselves up further to new audiences. Aside from connecting different communities, Museomix is also intended to facilitate collaborations between large and small institutions.

The Museomix project was first conceived in France and has since been exported to cultural institutions all over the world.

Museomix online

Find the project "Museomix" and other examples in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums"!

Assembly at Museomix 2012 1/2 | Quentin Chevrier – Museomix, 2012 CC BY-SA