Educational Programmes at the Inquisitor's Palace in Malta

In the past few years Malta’s museums have taken a strategic approach towards increasing social awareness, with emphasis on educational museum programmes that engage with and promote specific cultural traditions that have been forgotten or changed over time.

One of the programmes described above is a long-term programme at the Inquisitor’s Palace: It allows schools and special interest groups to delve into specific socio-cultural and religious events that have been completely transformed over time, or even lost entirely. The initiative takes a “back to the roots” approach to contemporary beliefs and events that have lost their intrinsic significance.

The museum hosts thematic educational events ranging from storytelling sessions that narrate traditional
folktales to seasonal cooking and hands-on craft workshops, all of which illustrate a myriad of traditional
insights into Carnival, Easter, summer and Christmas. Past programmes have explored the use of tools and equipment; traditional games in neighbouring streets; musical instruments and scores; and religious festivities and rituals.

The programme facilitates a wide range of social events targeting different audiences; from family-oriented weekends and holidays, to thematic suppers and sleepovers for younger, more adventurous audiences, as well
as conferences and lectures aimed at history enthusiasts, tertiary students and academics.

Apart from preserving and presenting cultural traditions, these thematic educational programmes contribute
to Heritage Malta’s goal of democratising heritage and culture in general. They foster accessibility not just in
the physical sense, but also financially and intellectually through research and publications.

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The social inclusion fostered through these educational programmes is one of the great examples depicting the social value of museums, which is also illustrated through more examples in NEMO's publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums".