EU Culture Policy

EU policy on cultural cooperation began between member states in 1992 with its inclusion in the Maastricht Treaty. The EU culture policy addresses and promotes the cultural dimension of European integration through legislation and funding. This concerns the development of cultural activity, education or research in the fields of cinema and audiovisual, publishing, music and crafts.

Many other EU policies do have a link and impact on the culture policy. NEMO publishes the links and relevant initiatives on the European level for museums and their staff.

To access publications and other documents that regard EU Cultural Policy, head to the Reading Corner.

Recent News in EU Culture Policy

Statement on the Reflection Paper on the Social Dimension of Europe News, NEMO activities, EU Culture Policy, Museums as Social Agents, Urban Development

11.07.2017 | NEMO is part of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts which issued a statement on the reflection paper on the social dimension of Europe, issued by the European Commission. It highlights the social dimension of the...
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Research for CULT Committee - Teaching Common Values in Europe News, EU Culture Policy, Learning, Intercultural Dialogue

10.07.2017 | The research mainly explored how EU Member States teach common values, such as democracy and tolerance, in Europe. It focused on secondary education and the Member States' curricula, but also took the role of civil society and...
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A sustainable future can be achieved with a fundamental cultural change News, NEMO activities, EU Culture Policy, Urban Development, Museums as Social Agents

07.07.2017 | NEMO is a member of Culture Action Europe (CAE). The European umbrella network issued a statement on the European approach to Sustainable Development through culture and the Agenda 2030.
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