European Funding for Museums

There is a vast range of funding possibilities available for museums on different levels, which embrace the core tasks of museums as well as initiatives tailored to work on specific topics, from international to regional levels.

NEMO collects museum-relevant, cross-sectorial, international and European funding possibilities. Is also serves as a platform for co-operation between museums for new projects.

To access publications and other documents that regard European Funding, head to the Reading Corner.

Recent News in European Funding for Museums

Three publications on cultural awareness, access to finance and promoting reading available! News, EU Culture Policy, Museum Management, Cultural Creativity, Museums in a Digital World, European funding for museums, Learning

15.08.2016 | Voices of Culture shared the latest outputs from Member States working on "promoting reading in the digital environment", "cultural awareness and expression" and "access to finance for the cultural and creative sectors", through...
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Draft report on a coherent EU policy for cultural and creative industries News, EU Culture Policy, Cultural Creativity, Copyrights, European funding for museums

30.07.2016 | In their report the European Parliament's CULT and ITRE Commitees recognised the economic impact of cultural and creative industries and defined important areas where actions to support CCIs are necessary.
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The libraries and museums of Europe in times of change News, EU Culture Policy, Museums as Social Agents, Museum Management, Learning, European funding for museums, Museums in a Digital World

28.07.2016 | The Parlamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe published the resolution "The libraries and museums of Europe in times of change" as a recommendation and advice to European Parliament.
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