Björn Stenvers

Björn Stenvers has worked as a marketing director in the Netherlands' cultural sector for a number of years, e.g. the Amsterdam Public Libraries and Amsterdam Heritage Museums, and also has marketing experience in the fields of commercial publishing and retail. In 2011, he also set up the cluster Amsterdam Heritage (AH); a cooperation of all heritage museums and departments in Amsterdam. He became coordinator of the World Heritage Site of the Canal Ring (WHS) in 2012 and set up the business foundation SAM in 2013, where he is the director. SAM is for the board of the 44 Official Museums of Amsterdam.

Sitting on the boards and commissions of various other institutes in the Netherlands, Björn Stenvers provides marketing & business advice and strategic planning to their operation. Internationally, he advices several Ministries of Culture on working together for a better future and is involved in several projects, e.g. in the UK, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and Finland. He is board chairman at the Volksuniversiteit in Amsterdam and the Diamond Museum, as well as senior-lecturer at RANEPA teaching Marketing in Cultural Field in the Presidential Program for all Russian Ministers. He also teaches at Moscow State University of Economics (MESI, Yaroslavl) and at MSSES, where he is also head of Museum Studies. He is board member of ICOM’s International Committee for Marketing & PR.