Davide Baruzzi

Davide Baruzzi is president and project designer of BAM! and among the founders of MuseoMix Italia. Museomix is a makeathon aimed at innovation, culture, and technology enthusiasts who share the desire for a dynamic museum that is connected and interactive. With both local and international experience Davide Baruzzi has designed communication projects and impact analyses for institutions such as the British Library, The Hackney district in London, Danza Urbana Festival (member of the Ciudades Que Danzan network), Bologna Jazz Festival, Cineteca di Bologna and the Italian Ministry of Culture as well as for commercial companies such as Ducati Motor Holding, IMA Group, Prada sub-brands and the Yamaha dealers network.

Davide Baruzzi will give hands-on advice on how to set up Museomix in a museum during NEMO's Annual Conference.