NEMO's 22nd Annual Conference | Living Together in a Sustainable Europe - Museums Working for Social Cohesion

6-8 November 2014 | Bologna, Italy

During the conference, NEMO discussed the social potential of museums in and for Europe at different levels:

  1. at a political level: What does the political level expect from museums, how can the museum sector make visible its impact on the society?
  2. at a museum sector level: How can museum sector approaches tackling museums' values for society be made transferrable and valuable?
  3. at a museum level: How do museums react to changes and challenges in society, how do they contribute to well-being and the cohesion of society?

In addition, the conference offered various workshops and working groups around lobbying, entrepreneurship and learning in museums.


Focus on Italy
The Italian museums facing globalization and social changes: new functions and activities to defy the global crisis

Alberto Garlandini
, Executive Council of ICOM and President of the Organizing Committee of ICOM Milano 2016

I. The political dimension
Introduction to the Political Level-Museums working for Social Cohesion

Sofia Tsilidou
, Officer, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

On the panel:
Julie Ward
, member of the Culture Committee, European Parliament

Michel Magnier, Director, Unit "Culture and Creativity", Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission

Can the World change Museums?
Chris Torch
, Senior Associate, Intercult

II. The museum sector dimension
Introduction and Moderation
David Vuillaume
, Secretary General, Swiss Museums Association

On the panel:
The Social Context for Museums in Poland

Paulina Florjanowicz, Director's representative for international relations, National Institute for Museums and Public Collections, Poland

The Happy Museum
Tony Butler
, Founder of the Happy Museum Project and Director, Derby Museums

Taking the Initiative in the political Power Play
Siebe Weide
, General Director, Netherlands Museums Association

III. The museum dimension
Introduction and Moderation
Margherita Sani
, Project Officer, Istituto Beni Culturali Regione Emilia-Romagna

On the panel:
Balkan Museum Network using heritage for social consolidation and identity building

Aida Veciz, founding member of the Balkan Museum Network

Viär Romer: Co-working with the Roma
Cornelia Lönnroth, Director, City Museum Gothenburg, Sweden

Michele Lanzinger, Director, Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali in Trento, Italy

IV. Visions and Conclusions

Museums without borders
Martin Roth, Director, Victoria & Albert Museum

Working Groups and Workshops

Working Group LEM - The Learning Museum
Margherita Sani, Project Officer, Istituto Beni Culturali Regione Emilia-Romagna

Working Group Museums and Creative Industries
Ineta Zelca Simansone, Director, Creative Museum Think Tank

How to lobby politicans: Internships and other tips
Margriet de Jong
, Senior Policy Advisor, Netherlands Museums Association
Ester Fabriek
, Policy Officer, Netherlands Museums Association

Museums Change Lives Campaign
Sharon Heal, Head of Publication and Events, Museums Association
David Anderson, President, Museums Association, and Director General,  National Museum Wales