NEMO Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, 25 September 2010


This year's meeting will take place on Saturday, September 25, in Copenhagen's Glyptoteket

Meeting Programme

On Sunday, September 26, all participants will have the opportunity to visit the many museums of Copenhagen. The Danish Museums Association is providing a free-entry card and information about the museums.

Map indicating all Venues for the NEMO meeting

Meeting Programme

Participants' List

Available presentations

  1. Ole Winther: Current Affairs of Danish Museums
  2. Sofia Kling: A Joint initiative in the Northern region: The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning
  3. Yudhishthir Raj Isar: Surviving through the crisis: A strategic perspective
  4. Round Table Discussion
    Janis Garjans: Changes in the museum sector in Latvia
    Mark Taylor: Museums' situation in the UK
    Sofia Tsilidou: Museums and the crisis in Greece
  5. Leticia de Frutos: Final Report of OMC Group on Mobility of Collections presentation // text
  6. Susanna Pettersson: Collection Mobility 2.0: Handbook "Encouraging Collections Mobility"
  7. Margherita Sani: LEM Project - "The Learning Museum"