Marie Briguglio

Marie Briguglio completed her PhD (Economics) at Stirling University, a MSc (Environmental and Resources Economics) at University College London and an Honours degree (Economics) at the University of Malta. She is a Resident Academic at the University of Malta’s Economics Department and Principal Investigator on numerous international and national research projects, including several in the domain of economics and cultural participation. Much of Marie’s published work lies in the field of market failure: from externalities in the environmental domain, to participation in the arts, focusing both on the implications of such phenomena on socio-economic wellbeing and on intervention design to enhance participation. Her more recent work has focused on the role that political preferences play in determining voluntary cooperation by citizens. Marie returned to academia after a distinguished career in policy-making, having held senior positions in Environmental and Planning authorities, and having served on councils and boards both in Malta and within the European Union. An award-winning screenwriter/broadcaster, Marie also remains highly active in outreach projects, including as Chairperson of the President of Malta's Forum for Active Community Engagement.

At the conference, Marie will deliver a keynote speech on Friday 16 November, moderated by NEMO board member Margherita Sani.