Owen Bonnici

Hon. Owen Bonnici, has been the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government of Malta since 2014. He began his political career serving on the Local Council of Marsascala for five years, first as a Councillor and then as Deputy Mayor. He was also an elected member of the Labour Executive Council. He was first elected to Parliament in 2008 from the third electoral district. At the time, Hon. Bonnici served as Opposition Spokesperson for Youth and Culture and subsequently for Higher Education, University, Research and Culture. Hon. Bonnici was elected to Parliament for a second time in the 2013 general election. In March 2013, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat appointed him Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Justice, until a year later when he was appointed Minister.

The Prime Minister entrusted a wide-ranging portfolio to him, with diverse responsibilities ranging from Administration of Justice to Local Councils, Culture to Public Broadcasting, Identity Management to Historic Patrimony. He was also the mastermind behind several important laws for Malta which have strengthened democracy and administrative operations. During the Maltese Presidency for the Council of the  European Union, Hon. Bonnici served as President for the Council on Justice and Home Affairs. In the 2017 elections, Hon. Bonnici was again elected to Parliament for the third time in a row, this time from the fifth electoral district. He was immediately reconfirmed in his role as Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

Hon. Bonnici graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal and European Studies in 2001 and subsequently with a Doctor of Laws degree in 2004, both from the University of Malta. He furthered his studies with a diploma in Canonical Jurisprudence (2005) from the Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Tribunal. Hon. Bonnici is also a Teaching Associate within the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta.

Hon. Owen Bonnici, will open the conference and welcome all participants on Friday 16 November 2018.