• Keynote: A new mission for Cultural Heritage – driven by tech-triggered innovation? Pier Luigi Sacco, Advisor to the European Commission for Culture and Education (Italy); round table moderation tba by Fitzcarraldo Foundation/ ArtLab, moderator: Bernd Fesel, European Creative Business Network (ECBN), Niederlande) / european centre for creative economy (ecce)
  • Sector-insight 1: Changing Value Models: From business model to impact model: how changing mindsets about tech-driven innovation can help cultural heritage institutions to become more relevant to society, Harry Verwayen, Executive Director, Europeana Foundation (Netherlands); moderator: Stein Olav Henrichsen, Director, Munch Museum (Norway)
  • Sector-insight 2: The relevance of Research & Development & Innovation in cultural heritage, Tonya Nelson, Chair of ICOM UK, Director of Museums & Cultural Programmes, University College of London (UCL) (UK), round table moderation tba by THE ARTS+. Moderator: Zoltán Krasznai, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation
  • Sector-insight 3: Focus on  skills: what expertise does it take to have a long-term view on innovation? Paul Klimpel, PhD, irights.law (Germany); round table moderation tba by Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO), Moderator: Raivis Simansons, Think Tank Creative Museum (Latvia)
  • Cross-Sector insight: Funding & Financing of startups in the Cultural Heritage & Games sector: ArtLab Investor Forum as a Best Practice Case, Thierry Baujard, CEO MediaDeals (Germany); round table moderation tba by European Creative Business Network (ECBN) & Fitzcarraldo Foundation


  • Keynote: Digitisation, changing value networks & business models and the need for the cultural and creative sectors to unite, Dr. Heritiana Ranaivoson, senior researcher at research group Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), (Belgium); round table moderation tba by SMIT/MediaRoad/imec, moderator: Andrea Nicolai, founder T6 Ecosystems
  • Sector-insight 1: “Why does the book sector need structured innovation support? What could be the role of the public sector in this? And what the role of trade associations?” Leif Göritz, Chairman of the Board, Herder Publishing, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Thalia (Germany); round table moderation tba by German Booksellers and Publishers Association. Moderator: Cigdem Aker, Head of Strategy & Innovation
  • Sector-insight 2: Funding & Financing: How to make investment in innovation in book publishing more simple and attractive? And what could be the role of the public sector in this? Eric Briys, Founder of Cyberlibris (France); round table moderation tba by Federation of European Publishers. Moderator: Enrico Turrin, Deputy Director FEP
  • Sector-insight 3: Specifics of innovation in publishing: Improving User Experience via unexpected collaborations, Luis González, Head of Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez (FGSR) (Spain); round table moderation tba by FGSR, moderator: José Manuel Anta, Managing Director International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA)
  • Cross-Sector insight: How to support innovation in journalism, Best Practice Case: Global Alliance for Media Innovation  (GAMI), Andrea Wagemans, project coordinator GAMI, round table moderation tba by World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).


  1. Sector-insight 1: Focus on Fragmentation: Cultural Policies in the age of platforms, Octavio Kulesz, Editorio Teseo, co-author of the UNESCO Global report on “Reshaping Cultural Policies” 2018 (Argentina); round table moderation by Christine M. Merkel,  Head, Division of Culture, Communication, Memory of the World, German Commission for UNESCO
  2. Sector-insight 2: Sylvia Amann, inforelais, Co-Chair of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Report of the EU member states’ experts: The role of public policies in developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the cultural and creative sectors; round table moderation tba by EU Commission, Directorate General for Education & Culture/ Creative Europe Programme; moderator: Pedro Velázquez, Deputy Head of the Creative Europe Unit, EU Commission, Directorate General for Education & Culture
  3. Sector-insight 3: “Facing fragmentation: Cooperatives – A solution for providing digital and social innovation for a sustainable cultural development?”; round table moderation tba by Fitzcarraldo Foundation/ArtLab, Giovanna Barni, Vice President of CulTurMedia-Legacoop (Italy), round table moderation tba by Fitzcarraldo Foundation/ ArtLab: moderator: Lluis Bonet, Professor of Public Economy, and Director of the Doctoral and the Graduate Program on Cultural Management at the University of Barcelona
  4. Sector-Insight 4:  “What are the specifics of innovation within the creative sectors? And how can general industry politics accomodate these better? Best Practice Case: The EU’s Digital Europe Initiative/ Digital Innovation Hubs, Pierre-Yves Danet, Head of collaborative research Europe at Orange Labs (France); round table moderation tba by New European Media (NEM), moderator: Anisia Avram, Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Unit G/2: Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education
  5. Cross-sector Insight: What’s best for media innovation support? Joint policy recommendations of  three Eu-funded projects – I3/ VitalMedia/ Mediaroad, Simona de Rosa, T6 Ecosystems (Italy), round table moderation by T6 Ecosystems, Moderator: Andrea Nicolai, Founder
  6. “Manifesto on Innovation Support for Culture”: discussion in the plenary with: Ugo Bacchella, president of Fitzcarraldo Foundation/ ArtLab (Italy) & Bernd Fesel, director European Creative Business Network (ECBN) (Netherlands)