Get hands-on inspiration of ways to make the museum and your work more sustainable by joining one of four workshops. Please note that the workshops run in parallel and that pre-registration is required.

Registration to the workshops has closed. Get in touch with with any questions. 

1. The best way to predict the future is to design it

  • Sevra Davis, Design Museum London
  • Venue: World Cinema Hall

This workshop will introduce principles of design thinking, design for behaviour change, and the circular economy with an aim of understanding the role of design in tackling some of the most important challenges of the day, including the climate emergency. Using case studies of a range of design education programmes that focus on learning about the circular economy and sustainability, participants will explore methods of introducing these topics into learning environments and the particular benefits of exploring these concepts in a museum environment.

2. How to get your audiences involved – SDGs and Action Oriented Exhibitions

The subject is introduced presenting an example of how Museon in The Hague built its new permanent exhibition based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We will rush through the SDGs and discuss/brainstorm in groups about how to introduce a specific SDGs in an exhibition/museum. The objective is to come to possible solutions to present the SDGs in such a way that the public is called to action (hands-on, rather than being informed only). Each group will share their thoughts/outcomes with the others. A second round, discussing a different SDGs, should deliver a wider perspective. This time the idea is to base the presentations on heritage collections and how to enhance the visitor experience by introducing these (story telling).

3. Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals: discover your SDG superpower

The Sustainable Development Goals are an invitation to all sectors to work together to create a sustainable future. Museums, and those who work in them and with them, have some key roles to play. Also, whether you realise it or not, we all have superpowers that are needed to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In this interactive session, you will discover your museum’s SDG superpower and your personal, individual SDG superpower. We will work together to explore how we can use those superpowers to work in partnership and with others to create a future where people and nature flourish together.

4. Systems thinking in process – sustainability in progress

Facing the SDGs, experts agree that a system thinking is one key competence in order to deal with complexity.

Museums work like complex systems while exploring objects and trends, curating relevant contents and programs, designing and producing exhibitions and operating the museum as a public space. All the processes within this dynamic complex use human, ecological and economic resources. For the purpose of sustainable action within the institution, museums have to realize a systemic approach.

The workshop offers tools to build a model of a museum and its exchange with the environment as well as to visualize the production process of an exhibition. The participants will identify and discuss leverage points to meet requirements of sustainability.

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