MOI usability test & feedback session

Would you like to develop the impact of your museum, but have trouble deciding where to start? Do you feel that you don’t have the right tools available for addressing together with your colleagues what kind of impact you wish to have and how to change the way you work to get there? Join this session on 11 October from 14:30-17:00 in the Municipal Museum Loulé to discuss these questions and learn about a new tool in the MOI self-evaluation framework session.

As part of the NEMO European Museum Conference programme, the MOI! Museums of Impact project will organise a usability test and feedback session, introducing the participants to the new MOI self-evaluation framework for impact. This session will take place at the Municipal Museum of Loulé and will include a visit to the museum. It is estimated to run for 3h, including a coffee break. Please note that the session overlaps with the Annual General Meeting and therefore isn’t suitable to members of NEMO. We estimate that there is room for ca. 25 participants.  

The new MOI tool that can be used to increase impact in museums. Participants will have the opportunity to do a hands-on test with the framework, guided and supported by facilitators and will have the possibility to share thoughts with colleagues and the project partners. The session will offer an increased understanding of the areas that museums can address to increase their impact, and a practical way of evaluating where there is room for development in working towards this.

Preliminary programme


Museum visit

Visit to the museum with presentation of the activities and exhibitions by the museum representative.


MOI self-evaluation framework

This part of the programme includes:

  • Introduction to the framework
  • Usability test of the framework
  • Discussion and feedback
  • Coffee

MOI! Museums of Impact is a Creative Europe-funded co-operation project (2019-2022). Its aim has been to develop an impact-focused framework for self-evaluation and development for museums. The MOI self-evaluation framework for impact was created through a series of meeting and consultation with the museum sector in workshops and stakeholder forums, which reached almost 800 participants across Europe. NEMO is one of the 11 project partners, and the project is led by the Finnish Heritage Agency. The framework will be freely available on NEMO’s website for any museums wishing to engage in a process of developing their impact.

You can find more information about the project here: MOI! Museums of Impact - Moi

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