Total number of museums (Walloon Region): 401
Art and Design:  81
History:  155
Archaeology: 72
Ethnography: 46
Natural History/Science: 10
Technical Museums/Science: 136
Special - Literature: 8
Special - Religious Art: 27
Special - Music: 3
Special - Architecture: 14
Special - Food: 10
Special - Military History: 33
Special - Nature: 39

Professionally run museums:  401
Voluntarily run museums: no information
Heritage Sites/Monuments: 51,099
About 4000 are protected, 220 are inscribed as “exceptional” and 5 are UNESCO World Heritage sites

Museum Organisations at a Regional Level

ICOM Belgium and ICOM Belgium Flanders


Musem and Society in Wallonia 


ICOM Wallonia/Brussels


Conseil Bruxellois des Musées


Flemish Art Collection


Legislation and Structure

There is neither legislation nor an association or other entity which respresents all museums throughout Belgium due to the political organization of the country. In Belgium, culture is a competency of communities, not of the central state, and there are 3 different (language) communities: the French, the German and the Flemish communities. 

In Wallonia (for example), most museums are public ones, owned by provinces and municipalities. Only one is owned by the French Community, and at the Federal level there are 11 Museum Institutions (also research centers).

There are currently 4 different advocacy initiatives running:

  • Tax Shelter for Museums
  • Pass Museum Pass
  • Emergency Plans for Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in Museums
  • I love Le Patrimoine
  • Guess who comes at the Museum?

Last Updated in October 2018