Number of museums: 

Art and Design:   51

History:   75 

Science:   2 

Natural History:   7 

Special:   12

Other:   187 

Total number of museums:   334 

Professionally run museums:   334 

Ownership of Museums:

State:  43

Municipalities, communities:   291 

Private (foundations, associations, etc.): 5

Others: 19 

In 2013, the underground archaeological museum, underneath the St. Sofia basilica is going to be inaugurated and the first permanent exhibition of the Museum of History of Sofia will be set up in the building of the Sofia Mineral Baths which is an architectural monument. 

Legislation and Structure:

Monuments and Museums Act 1969, followed by multiple amendments: 1973-2004. 

Museum Publication:

Museum Newspaper (publication of the Museum Association of Bulgaria) 

Museum Organizations:

The National Centre for Museums, Galleries and Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture. 

Bulgarian National committee of ICOM
BMC - Bulgarian Museums Chamber
Museum Association of Bulgaria

13A, Gen. Skobelev Street
Varna 9002, Bulgaria


Peter Ivanov
Executive Director

Updated: 14.10.2013