Total number of museums: approximately 294
Art and Design: 25%
History: 8%
Archaeology: 4%
Ethnography: 23%
Natural History/Science: 7%
Technical Museums/Science: 2%
Special: 13%
Other: 18%

Professionally run museums:  no information
Voluntarily run museums: 60
Heritage Sites/Monuments: no information

Croatian Museum Association

Foundation: 1946
Members: 414


  • 67% state + 27% municipal = total 94% State/municipal funded

  • 6% membership fees/subscription

The Croatian Museum Association has only individual membership. The membership is available to any Croatian citizen who is qualified in a museum or closely related profession. All friends of museums and galleries, legal entities or persons who wish to support and develop museum profession in Croatia can participate in the activities of the Association, but without the right of vote. The Croatian Museum Association can also have honorary members.

Museum Organisations at National Level

ICOM Croatia

Regional Museum Organisations

Museum Association of Eastern Croatia (Muzejska udruga istocne Hrvatske)

Museum and Gallery Society of Istria (Drustvo muzealaca i galerista Istre)

Legislation and Structure


The work of museums in Croatia is regulated by the Museum Law (2015). Special laws are released for the Museums of Ivan Meštrovic and the Jasenovac Memorial site.

The Museum Law is completed by rule books (6), statutes (11), resolutions (3) and Convetion on international exhibitions

  • City  40%
  • County  6%
  • State  11%
  • Community  10%
  • More than 1 founder  3%
  • Other  11%
  • No data: 19%

Collection Mobility

  • Is there a public loan policy? NO
  • Is there a state indemnity scheme? NO
  • Is there an insurance policy? NO

Last updated in August 2018.