Ownership of Museums:

About 3.000 museums in France

1.220 « musées de France » (State, public or private ownership), this appellation means that these museums are submitted to the scientific and technical control of the State. .

State:   56 State Museums (41 museums depending on the Ministry of culture and communication, and the other museums depending on other ministries, i.e. Ministry for Education, Justice, Economy and Finance, Social affairs and Health, Agriculture, Sports, ...)

Municipalities, communities:   880

Private (foundations, associations, etc.):   150

Others:   90


Museum organisations:

Museums associations in France :

     Icom France -

     Association Générale des Conservateurs des Collections publiques de France (AGCCPF) -

     Office de Coopération et d’Information muséales (OCIM) -

     Fédération des Ecomusées et des musées de société (FEMS) -


Museum magazines :

     Revue des Musées de France (Revue du Louvre), ed. RMNGP -

     Technè, la science au service de l’histoire de l’art et des civilisations (ed. RMNGP) -

     Musées & Collections Publiques de France, ed. AGCCPF -

     La Lettre de l’OCIM :


Legislation and structure:

The national legislation for museums : Law January, 4rth 2002 -