Number of museums:

Total number: 735

Professionally run: 136 


By ownership:

State (central budget): 227

Municipalities, communities: 342

Economic organisations: 43

Foundations: 40

Churches: 29

Other: 54

Data are valid for the year 2012 and provided by Országos Muzeológiai Módszertani és Információs Központ (National Centre for Museum Methods and Information) run by the Hungarian National Museum 

Museum organisations:


Pulszky Society - Hungarian Museum Association

Headquarters: H-1087 Budapest, Könyves Kalman körut 40.

Office and postal address: H-1146 Budapest, Hermina út 57-59. 




ICOM Hungarian National Committee

H-1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2. 


Országos Közgyüjtemények Szövetsége (OKSZ)

(Association of National Public Collections)

H-2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út 


Magyar Vidéki Múzeumok Szövetségének (MVMSZ)

(Public Association of Hungarian Country Museums)

Headquaerters: H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Fö u. 6.

Postal address: H-2000 Szentendre, Kossuth Lajos u. 5. 

Museum magazine:

Magyar Múzeumok (Hungarian Museums)

Published in electronic form, refreshed daily 


Legislation and structure:

Act on museums, libraries and public education (No. 140 of 1997), modified for several times since, defines the tasks, groups, forms and ways of functioning of museums. The last great modification came into force by the 1st of January 2013. It declared that most of the local museums - with some special exceptions - to be run by the local authorities, municipalities. (Therefore the statistics above are already not valid.) Their financing however is helped by the state as well, in order to fulfil some so-called "state tasks". State museums naturally are basicly financed by the state year budget. However all museums have to perform own income. There are state and other funds and foundations, which give grants on well-based applications. The whole of Hungarian cultural life, including public collections field has gone under major changes from all point of view.


last Update: November 2013