Number of museums:

Art and Design:   5

History:   52

Science:   4

Natural History:   1

Special:   14

Other:   50

Total number of museums:   250

Professionally run museums:   126


Ownership of Museums:

State:   36

Municipalities, communities:   83

Private (foundations, associations, etc.):   131

Others:   -


Museum organisations:

State Authority on Museums:
Kalku iela 11a,


T: +371 750 3870
F: +371 722 8083

Latvian Museum Association:
Smilsu iela 20,


LV 1050
T: +371 722 8147
F: +371 722 3287

Latvian Museum Council:
National Museum of History of Latvia
Pils laukums 3,

LV-Riga 1050
T/F: +371 7227429


Museum magazine:

"Muzeju Vestnesis"
Published monthly by the
Latvian Museum Association,
Kalku iela 11a, Riga LV 1050
T: +371 750 3870
F: +371 722 8083


Legislation and structure:

The museums (all categories) are administrated according to the Law on Museums of Republic of Latvia which was passed in 1997 and which states procedures for the founding, reorganisation and closing down of museums, constitutes rights and obligations of museums and financing of all categories of museums (state, local authorities and private).

The museums are under the supervision of ministries, local authorities and other organisations, foundations and private individuals.

The State supervision of the museum system and National Holdings is performed by the State Authority on Museums, which operate under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

The State strategy in the museum sector, the development and co-operation of museums as well as decision-making on issues related to museums and the National Holdings promotes and implements a non-governmental consultative institution, the Latvian Museum Council, and Regional Museum Councils.


(Updated 2007)