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Have the museums/your institution experienced budget cuts in connection with the financial crisis in the last two years?

The budget cuts from the national budget comprise approximately 10 %.

How do museums cope with the budget cuts?

Integrating with other museums, being more entrepreneurial: renting out for corporate and cultural events, conventions.




Number of museums:

Number of museums: 100

National museums: 4%

State museums: 12%

State museums under the jurisdiction of other ministries: 4%


Museum organisations:

Association of Lithuanian Museums

Snipiskiu str. 3 (313A)
LT-09309 Vilnius

ICOM Lithuania

Didžioji str. 4
LT-01128 Vilnius

Phone No. +370 601 67070 

Association of the Municipality Museums

Savanoriu str. 6
LT-62142 Alytus

Phone No. +370 315 51 990
Mobile phone No. +370 676 40 003



Museum magazine:


Museums of Lithuania

The Bulletin of Museology



Legislation and structure:


On May 29, 2003, the main document regulating the activity of Lithuania's museums was released - Regulation on Changes of Lithuania's Museums Law, which describes Lithuania's museums fund, institutes the system of Lithuania's museums, the order of museums establishment and liquidation, record and security of museums' valuables, financing and management. The new edition of regulation was produced upon acceptance of the new edition of Civil Code of Republic of Lithuania, Local Municipality Fundamentals Regulation, Juridical Persons Register Regulation and other legal acts.

On August 15, 1996, by the decision of the Government, the regulation of State museum was certified. On December 31, 1997, The Minister of Culture has certified "Instruction for State museums' collection security, record, and storage". It comprehensively elaborates on the composition of museum collection, the order of making and using it, protection, record, and storage of exhibits, the obligations and rights of museum personnel related to collections' protection, record, and storage. That is a major document directing museum employees in their daily work.


On August 17, 1999, by the order of the Minister of Culture, the regulation of Transfer of Archeological Findings to Museums was certified.

In the regulation of Policy of Lithuanian Culture, the new outlook of museum's institution was consolidated, which means that the activity of up-to-date museum is closely tied with functions of culture, education, and distribution of information. The valuables of culture and art, stored in museums of the country, enable us to broaden and improve the services rendered to their visitors.

Museums have to coordinate accumulation and storage of valuables, provision of information to the society, and its enlightenment.

In bringing the set objective into life, it is essential to:

-establish common and open to society data base of collections of Lithuania's museums and rendered services;

-to create in museums the proper conditions for storage and protection of historical, cultural, natural, and scientific heritage objects, to expand and improve the conditions of collections restoration;

 -to expand museums' autonomy;

-to encourage museums' links with education and tourism;

-to create and apply the museums modernization program.

Using these established priorities today, the policy of Lithuania's museums is being formed.


In 2003, by the order of the Minister of Culture, the Museums Council has been established. This is the organization, operating in accordance with social fundamentals, executing functions of an expert and consultant in handling issues on formation and implementation of museums policy. The most crucial task of the Council is to present proposals to the Ministry of Culture regarding the formation of cultural policy of museology field and the implementation of such policy. The Ministry, in guidance of conclusions of Museums Council, establishes, reorganizes, finances, and controls the subordinate museums, accepts juridical documents, regulating museums activity.

Since the year 1996, the museums registration in Culture Enterprises Register has been started. The Ministry of Culture executes it.

According to regulation of Culture Enterprises Register, it registers only cultural enterprises that get finance from the state and municipality budget. Up to year 2004, there were 70 museums registered in Culture Enterprises Register. According to the Juridical Persons Register Law, from January 1, 2004 the culture enterprises are registered in Juridical Persons Register.


According to Museums Law, the ministry partially finances the expansion of state museums, museums valuables restoration, and scholarly research programs.



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