Information about the Museums Organisation

National Network of Romanian Museums (NGO)


Foundation (Year):



Museums/similar institutions: 54 (museums, museums complex and art galleries)



Membership fees, National and European funds (projects), marketing activities (books and studies sales)

Has your institution experienced budget cuts in connection with the financial crisis in the last two years?


Number of museums in your country:

Total: ~819 museums

(in % or total number)

Art and Design: 79

History: 89

Natural History: 69

Special: Religious art - 92

Old books - 3

Ethnography and/or Local History - 233

Memorials - 163

Sciences and Technic - 33

Archeology - 58

Total number of museums: 819


Ownership of Museums:

State: 15

Municipalities, communities:

Private (foundations, associations, etc.): no more than 10


other museum organisations:

The Museum Collection of Transylvanian Armenians, the private collection of National Network of Romanian Museums in Apafi Castle, Dumbraveni, Sibiu Region.

Museum magazine:

Museums Magazine and The Network Journal

National Museum legislation and structure:

Law 311/08.07. 2003 for museums and public collections


(last update 20/2/2012)