Information about the Museums Organisation

Swiss Museums Association

(Verband der Museen der Schweiz, Association des musées suisses, Associazione dei musei svizzeri)

Foundation (Year): 1966


Museums/similar institutions: 750



Membership fees (53%), Swiss Universities (15%), Commercial activities (12%), State (8%), Swiss national Museum (6%), private Sponsors (6%)

Have the museums/your institution experienced budget cuts in connection with the financial crisis in the last two years?


Number of museums in your country:

Total: 1073

(in % or total number)

Art and Design: 18%

History: 9% (incl. archeological museums)

Natural History: 8%

Special: Regional: 37%; thematic: 17 %; technical: 10%, ethnographic: 2%

Total number of museums: 1073

Professionally run museums: 60%


Ownership of Museums:

State: 1%

Municipalities, communities: 35%

Private (foundations, associations, etc.): 64%


Other museum organisations:

ICOM Switzerland - International Council of Museums

In Switzerland is ICOM the association of museums professionals (representing 20 professions).

Museum magazine:


Museological journal of ICOM Switzerland and the Swiss Museums Association. 1 issue a year.

National Museum legislation and structure:

National legislation for the Swiss National Museum.

Cantonal laws and municipal rules for cantonal and municipal museums.

Current discussion about a legal base for nationwide cultural activities (e.g. produced by museums networks).



(Update 16 December 2010)