NEMO Working Group Advocacy and PA

The NEMO Working Group Advocacy and PA intensifies the advocacy work for museums and gives direction to NEMO's advocacy work. The group focuses on different topics and will offer support, deliver information and shape NEMO's actions in the field of advocacy with and for museums. 

Lodewijk Kuiper, Policy Advisor at the Netherlands Museums Association, leads the group. If you would like to join the Working Group, please get in touch with Please note that NEMO members only may join.

The Working Group's aims are

  1. The first aim of the Working Group would be to contribute to the development of the European (cultural) policy environment through advocacy, consultation, education and discussion, and thereby enhance opportunities for NEMO's priorities and key deliverables.
  2. The second aim of the Working Group will be to exchange knowledge about advocacy and public affairs.


Our vision is a European cultural field in which museums - particularly NEMO's members - enjoy abundant support from European and national legislators. In this European field museums manage to maintain sufficient (EU or national) budgets.

Internally our vision is that NEMO’s members will be well informed about advocacy and public affairs and know how to organise their own advocacy policy.


To realise our vision the Working Group Advocacy will advocate NEMO’s key messages to all relevant European key stakeholders, schedule advocacy meetings on the EU level and thereby broaden the impact of NEMO’s members on a European level and in the EU policy field. In order to contribute to the exchange of knowledge about advocacy & public affairs, the Working Group aims to function as a knowledge platform.
The Working Group operates under the mandate of the NEMO Board and advocacy priorities and external outreach activities will always be communicated with the Board.


  • 16 February // Berlin, Germany
    Working Group meeting
  • 27 September // Athens, Greece
    Working Group Meeting
  • 17 November // Valletta, Malta
    Working Group Meeting as part of NEMO's 26th Annual Conference
  • 1-2 May // Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    First Meeting of the Working Group during which a working programme for the coming half year was drafted
  • 7-9 September // Riga, Latvia
    Conference: "Building a Museum: Focus on museums and creative industries"
    During this conference the Working Group will discuss the progress of its "to-do-list"
  • 11 November // Ghent, Belgium
    Meeting as part of NEMO's 25th Annual Conference to shape the working plan for the next year

If you are interested in joining the Working Group or if you want to learn more about the group's work, please contact