NEMO Working Group LEM - The Learning Museum

The LEM Working Group continues the work of the LEM - The Learning Museum Network, an EU-funded project from 2010-2013. The group continues to explore topics around the fields of museum education, audience development, intercultural dialogue and lifelong learning.

Through various study visits to different museums in Europe, the group will learn and research on specific subjects as well as encourage the exchange of information among museum professionals in Europe. 

The activities of the working group result in reports about museum specific topics:



  • 26-27 April 2018 // Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland 
    Study Visit and Working Group meeting
  • 17 November // Valletta, Malta
    Working Group Meeting as part of NEMO's 26th annual conference.
    The meeting  is lead by the group leader Margherita Sani and it will focus on Activities and Programmes for Children and Young people in European museum, with contributions from Claudia Haas and Petra Zwaka (Children in Museums Award jurors) and the shortlisted candidates of the Children in Museums Award 2018.
  • 7-9 September // Riga, Latvia
    Working Group Meeting and Study visit
  • 11 November // Ghent, Belgium
    Working Group Meeting and study visit, as part of NEMO's 25th Annual Conference

Please note that only the recent activities of the Working Group are displayed on this page. For more information about past activities prior to 2017, please have a look at the Working Group's Archive!


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